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About American Family Living

American Family Living (AFL) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1977 by Jene and Evie Wilson. American Family Living is a member of the Orange Chamber of Commerce. They have also been a member of ECFA (Evangelical Christian Financial Accountability) since 1978. Jene and Evie had a burden in their hearts to bring healing and hope to the needs of individuals and families.

Steve & Kathy Schinhofen are the Directors at American Family Living as of 2016.


They have both been very involved in the ministry for years and have a passion for marriage and families. They have been married 40 years now, with 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren!

American Family Living has a corporate board that oversees and approves all decisions.

"Strengthening the spiritual and moral fiber of the American Family"

Update about Jene & Evie Wilson:

Dear Friends,

This has a very hard time for Jene & Evie and all the Wilson family.

There have been many discussions for quite a while with Jene, Evie, and their sons about how to proceed and to take care of them long term. It's been quite a tough year health-wise for both Jene and Evie, and frustrating for their sons' Brent & Burt being so far away and not able to assist them during this time. 

Recently, the decision was made to move them to Oklahoma. It has been in the works for quite a while. Jene and Evie had the tough decision of what to bring with them to their new home.

Overwhelmed with the responsibility and weight of what to do, Jene and Evie told the family to do what needed to be done and so the move was planned and proceeded as they all decided together. They took into account all the financial, medical, physical and emotional dynamics. 

Loading a large U-Haul with all their precious belongings, the whole family drove to their new home. This was a very emotional transition but the key to this is their health and safety. Burt and Brent are lovingly caring for their parents in the best way possible. As a medical doctor, Brent feels that this is the best place for them to be so he can manage their care and recovery as well as be close by to check on their needs, wants, and desires.

We are sad Jene and Evie are so far away, but after Steve and I talked with Brent, and with Burt, we believe that this move is the best choice for them now and in the future. We are grateful that the discernment and wise counsel of their sons has been considered and accepted by Jene & Evie, and they understand that ultimately they are being provided the best care possible for them at this time.

Please continue to lift all of the family up in prayer as any decision at this time would have been a difficult one.

Love, Kathy Schinhofen

If you would like to send Jene and Evie a card or a note, please mail it to our PO Box and we will send them a package with all the notes monthly.

American Family Living

PO Box 3400

Orange, CA 92857-0400

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